It’s ok to be lonely

“Enduring loneliness is almost invariably better than suffering the compromises of false community.”

Perhaps we glorify the effects of what company can bring us. Perhaps constantly being around people is just a way for us to drown out the noise of our fundamental loneliness. Perhaps being around people is just a temporary escape. Maybe all we need is just spending some time alone, maybe all we need to do is realise there are times that the only person you can depend on is yourself.

How important is it to spend time alone, to consider your actions and thoughts based on no one else’s validation but yourself. (This might also be an excuse to never leave my room)

“Loneliness makes us more capable of true intimacy if ever better opportunities do come along. It heightens the conversations we have with ourselves, it gives us a character… We might be isolated for now, but we’ll be capable of far closer, more interesting bonds with anyone we do eventually locate.”



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